Eat Chips with Tasty Guacamole

You may think you have seen all there is to see when it comes to appetizers. You may have tried guacamole with various twists such as red peppers, blue cheese and sandwich dressing. What about the good old homemade guacamole with chips? Here is a great chips and guacamole recipe. you will need 2 avocados,

Healthy Summer Eating

If you are looking for a quick summer time meal that is healthy and delicious, try simply grilling some chicken or fish and chopping a bunch of fresh vegetables. If you have to coax your family to eat raw veggies try using different dip mixes to help make them more interesting. This is a great

I Had a Talk with a Friend

I had a talk with a friend today. She informed me that she and her husband are getting divorced. I warned her about the cost of divorce but she said that it is not going to be a problem because of the program that she is a part of. She explained that she pays a

Why Pay for Photos when Stock Photography is Free?

If your paying for photos your wasting money. With stock photography you can get all of the free photos that you can handle. Whatever you need a photo for you can get it for free without any problems. There are a lot of photos for you to use and they cover every category or photos

Don’t Let Itchy Skin Rash Hold You Back

How Many times have you been out and about, when your skin started to itch intensely? If it has happened on more than one occasion, you have probably been to see a doctor or skin specialist – in the hope that they would be able to give you an answer and a treatment for the

How to Remove Ingrown Hair from Hispanic Skin

Laser hair removal is one of the best and safest options to effectively and permanently remove the unwanted hair on your body. However, this method is not for everyone. There are certainly many really good candidates for this ingrown hair removal technique but unfortunately, men and women of Hispanic origin are not suitable for it.

End of August Update!

It has been one fabulous summer. (And this includes the weather – probably the best yet) Many highs, a few stressful moments, but now I am back home ready for the rest of the IFBB professional competitive season. After the Toronto Pro – my 5th show of the year – I felt pretty burnt out.  Burnt

What is a Tonsilith

Tonsils and how valuable they’re for the human body have already been a subject of the great deal of discussion in the health care community. The tonsils would be the rounded, gland-like tissues situated close to the rear of your throat. Should you have a look in the mirror and open broad, the tonsils are

Cook a Turkey from Frozen to Table Ready

Roasting a turkey is one of the most simple, elementary cooking processes a person will ever do. The stress factor about holiday feasts is really all of the trimmings, not the main dish. It’s a lot more difficult to stir up an excellent gravy for the potatoes and stuffing than it is to roast a

Dessert Recipes Blond Brownies with Chocolate Chunks

THREE-INGREDIENT WONDER BARS Ingredients: 2 cups graham cracker crumbs1 small can sweetened evaporated milk1 small package chocolate chips Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 (F). Grease and flour a square (9″ x 9″) baking pan. In a large bowl, combine all three ingredients. Stir well. Mixture will be quite thick, so a wooden spoon works best